About the Department

General Information
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department commenced education as a Department of State Academy of Architecture and Engineering in 1977 in Kayseri. When Higher Education Council was established in 1982, it became a Department of Faculty of Engineering at Erciyes University. Moreover, evening education program started in the academic year of 1992-1993 and teaching English at preparatory school started for both programs of our department in 1996-1997 academic year. In the academic year of 2004-2005, the title of our department was altered as Electrical & Electronics Engineering by the approval of Higher Educational Council. In our department, there are total 30 full time academic staff at the department such as; 6 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 10 Assistant Professors, 1 Lecturer,13 Research-Assistants. 

As of 2006-2007 academic year, approximately 2300 students graduated from Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department so far. Furthermore, 150 Higher Engineers (M.Sci.) and 60 Doctorate Engineers (Ph.D) graduated from Graduate Programs, carried out by Electric-Electronic Engineering Department which is a main science branch of Institute of Natural Science. According to the classification announced by Higher Educational Council, our faculty comes at top of the list and this result shows the scientific capacity and success of our academic staff indirectly. 

There are numerous laboratories and research units where both undergraduate and graduate programs can be applied in our department. The undergraduate laboratories have sufficient physical area and technical equipment to improve the practical skills of our students. In addition, during the laboratory courses in which the number of students is too high, they are divided into ideal groups so that they can reach the maximum success. (For example; in the first and second year labs, they are divided into group of five minimum). There is a PC linked network on each study-table in Logic Laboratories listed above; they are used for Computer Assisted Simulation and Design of Electronic Circuits. Besides these undergraduate laboratories, there are also five graduate research units formed in the body of our department.
The most important advantage of our department is that our department is one of the limited departments in the country which can carry out courses in its body by means of its own academic staff and is able to run M.Sci. and Ph.D. Programs. Our Academic Staff which is formed by 6 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 10 Assistant Professors, 1 Lecturer and 13 Research-Assistants have carried their studies to both national and international grounds by means of publications in the scientific magazines scanned by prestigious indices, reports presented at national and international conferences, symposiums, congress. Our Staff have also carried out some projects which are supported by TUBITAK (Turkish Institution of Scientific and Technological Research), DPT (State Planning Organization) and Research Projects Unit of our university. Furthermore, we have given a service of consultancy to Kayseri Industry when required. It is also a great advantage to run M.Sci and Ph.D. Programs followed by Undergraduate Programs for the students who would like to attend graduate Programs. Some of our students who graduate from Electrical & Electronics Department have continued research assistants either at the Institute of Natural Science of various universities in Turkey or abroad and take roles as future scientists. In addition, most of our graduates have fulfilled significant duties and work both in public and private sectors.
In addition to participation with reports, we have organized some national scientific meetings such as; BIYOMUT 99, SIU-2005 and HDM-2009 at our university with a belief of supporting universal science. Within the frame of these activities, some individual lecturers have been invited to our university and panels organized so that our students and staff may be informed about actualities and progress in the world of science and technology. From time to time, social and technical trips in town or neighboring towns by our students clubs to plants and universities under the guidance of our university representatives. Erciyes University Student Club of International Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has been established by our university students. As of March 2005, the club which has 120 members has come in the top third nationwide. The Student Club which has carried out its activities under the advisory of assistant chief of the department has organized various Social and Technical Trips, National and International Project Contests, Conferences, Seminars and Courses on different issues. Moreover, Our Engineering Club has become the most active one among the university clubs by those activities and events organized in 2006 academic year. 

Our Department has cooperated both to carry out education and training activities and do projects with Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department of various national and international universities. Additionally, it is also in cooperation with various professional organizations such as; the Chamber of Electric Engineers (EMO) and Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Opportunities After Graduation 
Some students become research assistants in different universities and they continue their education in the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of the University. In addition, many of our graduates are at very important positions in different public or private sector.

Scholarship Opportunities
The students of our faculty, who are in need of financial aid and meet required conditions, may be granted with Student Credits or Scholarships by State Institution of Credits and Dormitories, Foundation of Turkish Education, Foundation of Haci Omer, Ministry of National Education and other similar institutions. Moreover, 350 students are granted with unreturned scholarships provided by either our academic staff or charitable businessmen.